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Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 3 months ago

Dinner at Braybrook Manor was fairly uneventful, although Hui-Jin did get to have a bath, for which he was grateful. Although, he would've probably appreciated it more if 5 other people hadn't used the bath water before him...

He mentioned in passing that it was Dark Reaver powder that poisoned his master, Meioshin, and it seems as though Emilth might be able to assist in finding out where the assassin may have obtained such a substance.

On the way back to Helsmuth, the party was attacked by Griffons. Methris managed to kill one of the beasts before it got its talons into Emilth's pony, but then its corpse landed square on top of where Hui-Jin was standing. Only subdual damage, nothing permanent, and he managed to succeed at a DC 20 strength check to crawl out from underneath the enormous avian.

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