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Page history last edited by Azeari 10 years, 7 months ago

After a couple of days we decided to meet the final group to get permission to walk around the docklands. As we were walking we found a dire rat following us. After a couple of rounds of us doing some useless stuff trying to kill the rat. Gerald decided to do an energy burst. However, there were a couple of problems, one he got dazed and second because the energy burst don't go around corners the only thing he did was damage several houses!

Finally, Garion injured one of the rats which we discovered was a were-rat. After one of them was injured the were-rats decided to run away back to their lair. We tracked them down to a dungeon. After Garion got injured from a trap, everyone got scared. Gerald was disgusted by this and called all of us chickens. But he finally agreed to leave, but just before we left, we found a secret door. We decided to open that door, and go down the passage way.

We found four coffins, we decided to amp Gerald up and send him to fight whoever was in them (since he was the only brave one amongst us). Gerald almost died several times during the fight, got himself dazed trying to do an energy burst, ran out of power points etc. But he basically single-handedly killed 4 large undead monsters (they each had well over a hundred hps). We ended the day with Gerald muttering the words chickens to the other members of the party.


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Azeari said

at 11:15 pm on Jul 27, 2009

Special mention needs to go to Rohit without whom we would have been in a lot more trouble than we ended up in, for carrying so many silver weapons and sharing them while tumbling throughout the battlefield and for forcefeeding Gerald healing potions leaving Gerald free to attack. Such dedication is hard to find in a sidekick. :)

Garyn would like it noted that:
a) the wererat was severely wounded which is why it ran off (after turning invisible, how rude!).
b) taking a hit from a major trap for the party just goes to show how much he values each of you and how good Neutralise Poison potions are. :)
c) he ain't no chicken and if Gerald is up for chasing rats down the corridors, Garyn will back him up all the way (just don't walk too fast, Garyn isn't as fit as he was).
d) he also believes that the altar is trapped so don't touch it as the entire room may collapse or explode
e) Gerald sure packs a punch when he is buffed up with all our spell improvements, though maybe enlarge wasn't Garyn's best idea. Gerald was chosen due to his energy burst (and bravery), with the plan that he could get into the room and move sideways, hit most or all of the undead and not funnel flames back up the stairs. If only the undead had the decency to have waited one more round before getting up and hogging all the floor space. :)

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