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When Gerald regained consciousness, he had a large dragon on top of him. However, Rohit and Garyn soon found him and gave him some healing potions. The March went looking for their horses, while Martok & Addric searched for their followers and Lukwind & Helena attempted to convince the mercenaries to return. The problem was that the sellswords hadn't been told that they might have to fight a black dragon - if they had, they would've asked for a LOT more money, if they were even willing to take that kind of risk.

They were left with the 100 March cavalry, Martok's 16 followers, 16 human archers and 20 dwarven spearmen, as well as the 6 player characters, 2 cohorts and 3 NPC commanders (Liv, Eirik & Sir Digby). The smart option would have been to retreat to the village and fortify their position, relying on reinforcements from Marchion to break the eventual siege. However, that would mean abandoning all of the peasants whom they had just rescued to the mercy of the 1000 orcs. To their credit, they took the noble option instead: fight the orcs head-on.

In the morning, Rohit scouted ahead and soon encountered the orcs' vanguard. Fetching the rest of the party from camp, they made short work of this smaller force. However, that was merely the appetizer. It wasn't long before they spotted a column of orcs snaking along the road. Elsa led the March cavalry in a charge, but the orcs scattered to the side, making way for their ogre shock troops.

Helena summoned a yeth hound, which howled eerily and caused many of the orcs and ogres to flee in panic. After the fiasco with dragon fear the previous night, it was satisfying to give the orcs a taste of their own medicine. However, the hound flew too low and one of the ogres dispatched it with his greatclub.


The Battle Unfolds



Round 8

Gerald rushed in amongst the ogres and began to use his energy burst to maximum effect. They soon learned to give him a wide berth, attacking with their javelins while some of the orcs targeted him with shortbows. He lost consciousness as a gang of ogres trampled him into the ground on their way to attack the cavalry. Lukwind turned invisible and rushed to his aid, while Rohit somersaulted off the back of his horse and ducked and wove through the ogres to reach him.

Even though the ogres were in the firing line, the orc archers opened fire, doing as much damage to their own troops as to the March. The ogres began to retreat, but some of the March cavalry faltered as well. Addric chased after one of the cavalry units and managed to rally them, ordering them to return to the battle. Rohit pinpointed the commander who gave the order to fire and relayed his location to the rest of the party via Lukwind's message spell. Helena turned invisible and flew over to Elsa, then opened a dimension door in the air over the orcs' command group.


Round 9


    Elsa is suspended directly above the chieftain, just out of reach, with her Qullan weapon pointed at his head like the sword of Damocles. All 8 squares adjacent to the chieftain are occupied by an orc, who are all brandishing their greataxes and look ready to use them at the slightest provocation. 

"VENGEANCE!!!!!!!" Elsa screams, as Helena lets go.

The orcish barbarians unleash their pent-up rage, doing a total of 111hp damage with their readied attacks. The effect is like dropping a piece of raw steak into a blender.


Round 10

Round 11

Round 12

Round 13

Round 14

Round 15

Round 16

Round 17

Round 18

Round 19 (take two)

Round 20 (back by popular demand ...)

When Lukwind communicated the news to Garyn, he knew that something drastic had to be done, or else the battle was lost. Rohit located Gerald, who was still clinging to life, and began feeding him healing potions. He let off another energy burst as soon as he regained consciousness, but Rohit was expecting that and his ninja reflexes enabled him to avoid any damage. The ogres surrounding them were not so lucky.

Using the last charge remaining in the rod of transmogrification, Garyn polymorphed himself into a large, gold dragon. He landed alongside Gerald, who tied one end of a 50ft rope around his waist and passed the other end to Gadragyn, then vaulted onto the dragon's back. Whirling into the air, Garyn sailed past most of the orcs' arrows without taking much damage. As he flew low over the ranks of archers, Gerald leapt off his back and swung down on the rope, releasing an energy burst and then skidding along the ground amongst the corpses of dozens of chargrilled orcs.

All of the orcs who witnessed this carnage threw down their weapons and ran. None of them wanted to hang around and become the next targets of Gerald's awesome power. The surviving ogres, too, began to falter. The orc cheiftain and his lieutenants, seeing half of their army flee the battlefield, charged towards Gerald. He released another energy burst, but the barbarians kept coming regardless. Gadragyn landed alongside Gerald and they fought the orcs side by side. They were both grievously wounded, but they eventually prevailed.

With their chieftain dead, the remaining orcs turned and ran. After gulping several healing potions, Gadragyn and Gerald made after them, repeating the same spectacular maneuver that would go down in legend as Talaghaara Matum, "death from above." Although they were utterly routed, many orcs survived the battle and would undoubtedly continue to pester the surrounding countryside with petty banditry. Nevertheless, the threat against the city of Marchion had been dealt with, and the adventurers could return to be hailed as heroes.

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