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booby traps

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  • A DC 20 Craft [trapmaking] check and 1 minute of work is all that's required to set up a booby trap. A trapmaker can rush a booby trap's creation and attempt to craft one as a full round action, but doing so entails a -10 penalty on the Craft [trapmaking] check. Failure on this check by 5 or more indicates the trapmaker springs the trap and is affected by it.
  • The components required to build a booby trap vary wildly. Parts can be purchased for 50gp, or a character can scrounge for parts from the surrounding environment with a successful DC 20 Wilderness Lore check and 10 minutes of work.
  • Booby traps are usually CR½ traps. Creating a more dangerous booby trap requires powerful magic, or time and resources, or both. Additionally, booby traps on their own aren't a significant difficulty; the true threat arises when the trap-setter uses a booby trap to gain a favorable combat position over the victim.
Sample booby traps:

Alarm: CR½; mechanical device; touch trigger; no reset; bells ring when triggered (nearby enemies make a DC -5 Listen check, modified by distance, to hear the bells); Search DC 15; Disable Device DC 15.

Tripline: CR½; mechanical device; touch trigger; no reset; trip cord makes a trip attempt as a Medium creature with 14 Strength; Search DC 15; Disable Device DC 15.

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