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horses' coats

Bay - brown horse with black mane, tail, lower legs

Chestnut - brown horse with brown mane & tail

"liver chestnut" is a term usd to describe a chocolate-colored chestnut color horse

Sorrel - brown horse with flaxen mane & tail

Roan - lighter body with normal color head, mane & tail

Palomino - golden coat and white or flaxen mane and tail

Buckskin - tan or gold colored coat with black points (mane, tail, and lower legs).

Dun - dark stripe down the middle of the back, which may continue into the tail and mane, and may have darker faces and legs

Grullo - a dun with a black base, but is much rarer than red and bay duns

Gray - white horse

Dapple Gray

Piebald - large black & white patches

The Skewbald horse has a coat made up of brown (or any color besides black) and white patches, on top of either pink or black skin.

Brindle - sometimes described as tiger stripes

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