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Coats of arms and maps in Eastrealm commonly feature the Draconic language. On player handouts, I have used Latin words written using Tolkien's Tengwar font. The Auran and Ignan languages are also written using the Draconic script.


The Common tongue is the lingua franca of international trade, as well as serving as the vernacular of Eastrealm. Rokugani & Khemetian are separate languages with their own very different scripts.


The tribes of the Goblin Wastes speak a variety of gutteral languages (Goblin, Giant, Gnoll & Orc), written using the Mongolian script: http://ancientscripts.com/mongolian.html



Other languages & scripts of the realms:


The Elvish script is used to write the Elven language, and also Aquan, Sylvan & Undercommon


Dwarven runes are used to write the language of the Dwarves, Gnomes and other earth-based creatures (Terran)


The Druidic language has its own alphabet.


The language of the Celestials has its own alphabet.


The Abyssal language is written using the Infernal alphabet.


Other interesting scripts of ages past:


Iberian script


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