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lunisolar calendar

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2nd year of the 695th Olympiad

Sat, 22 June: Seldanqith (a midsummer night's dream)

11 July : first sighting of the new moon after the summer solstice: new year's day

(the month of Hekatombaion) 


The Mielet Estates are razed by Orc Scorchers

The villagers of Sweetmead cross the causeway and burn Martok's father at the stake


19 August "the tenth day of Metageitnion rising"

  • the green dragon is slain
  • Martok hears rumors of his father's suicide. He is expelled from the Bond College, since he is unable to pay tuition. 

Tue, 20 Aug: Galon and Peteonas teleport to Khemet

Wed, 21 Aug: Galon and Peteonas are given the asp headband by Set

Thu, 22/23 Aug: full moon, cathedral is destroyed (14th of Metageitnion)

Elsa returns to Helsmuth, having nowhere else to go after the death of her family.

Sun, 25 Aug: Lukwind assembles the companions at the Panashina tearoom

Mon, 26 Aug: Nektinefar arrives at the town of 'Ayn Asil (Dakhla oasis) to warn Galon of the Uchatu

Tue 27 Aug: the asp headband falls off, and Galon is freed from Set's control

    - Galon teleports to Qualinost, but is run off by Marcus

    - Galon teleports to Laveril (metropolis), rents a flat with a vault (guards & wards)

Wed 28 Aug: Methris offers a prisoner trade to the Qualinesti

29 Aug (Earlier 10th of Metageitnion)

  • Galon joins the Wayfarer's Society

13 Sept: Galon pays 150gp for 3 months' rent in Laveril

  • Galon, Nektinefar & Marak plane shift to the Outlands

16 Sept: Lukwind & companions leave Helsmuth to travel to the Wall of the World

17 Sept: Galon, Veneteral, Nightwind, Nektinefar & Marak arrive in Ecstasy

21 Sept: full moon and autumnal equinox (first day of autumn)

9 Oct: Lukwind & companions arrive in Silverthorne (2 Pyanepsion) and meet Galon for the first time.

mid-late Oct: yellowjacket queen seeks hiding place to hibernate

24 Oct: Lukwind & companions brave the Maze of Screaming Silence (17 Pyanepsion) and meet the future Queen of Zanskar

27 Oct: Emilth travels to Fernquay by carriage, intending to catch a riverboat back home to Helsmuth (earlier 10th of Pyanepsion)

  • Garyn & Methris visit Marchion and stay overnight.

31 Oct: Samhain (6th of Pyanepsion waning), the Féile na Marbh

5 Nov (30th of Pyanepsion): Dernavel Crakdfang, mayor of Marchion and paladin of Athena, dies in his sleep (of old age). The city is in mourning.

12 Nov (7th of Maimakterion rising): day 0, the party arrives in Marchion

15 Nov (10th of Maimakterion): Halcyon Volraith uses Sending to contact Martok and invite him to return to Silverthorne
18 Nov (Day 6 / eve of the 14th of Maimakterion) full moon; Amazing Chicanery Troupe is founded by Lukwind & Rohit

2 Dec (day 20 / 4th of M. waning) Gnod Yriah and his black dragon Gulnoth are killed

7 Dec (2nd of Poseideon waxing) Gerald & Scarlett fly Kalliantra to the Rock of Brål, a 9 month journey through wildspace

9 Dec (4th of P.): Gadragyn returns to Helsmuth and meets Emilth at the Panashina Tearoom

12 Dec (day 30 / 7th of P.) Axl's wererats are killed

16 Dec (day 34 / eve of the 12th of P.) opening of the new Marchion theatre in the Docklands

22 Dec: winter solstice

30 Dec (6th of P. waning): Helena & Rohit arrive in Laveril with Lukwind's followers

12 Jan (day 59 / 9th of Gamelion waxing): Lolth falls silent

21 Mar: vernal equinox (day 130 / 18th of Elaphebolion)

  • the party ventures into the Dodrien Crypts, near Silverthorne

22 Mar (19th of E.): Dorina and Zedarr are slain; Tierak Morcane is restored as ruler of Szith Morcane

26 Mar (8th of E. waning) party returns to Laveril to resurrect Garyn

11 Apr (9th of Mounukhion waxing) depart Laveril aboard a Minoan sloop
18 Apr (16th of M.) demolish the pirates’ secret base

19 Apr (17th of M.): Clicker wind walks back to Laveril with Garyn, Elsa, Zan & Liamae (arrive at 5:15pm)

27 Apr (5th of M. waning): arrive back in Laveril at 10pm

3 May (noumenia, Thargelion): sail the Ocean Spray to Fusina. Ambushed at midnight by Dorina, Zedarr & the marilith


Athenian festivals were divided between the 80 or so annually recurring celebrations and a set of monthly holy days clustered around the beginning of each month. These were often the birthdays of gods, the Greeks thinking of birthdays as a monthly rather than a yearly recurrence. Every month days 1-4 and 5-8 were all sacred to particular gods or divine entities, amounting to some 60 days a year:


Day 1: New Moon

Day 2: Agathos Daimon

Day 3: Athena's Birthday

Day 4: Heracles, Hermes, Aphrodite and Eros


Day 6: Artemis' Birthday

Day 7: Apollo's Birthday

Day 8: Poseidon and Theseus


A parallel function of this calendar was the positioning of the perhaps 15 or so forbidden days on which business should not be transacted.


Mikalson J.D. 1975, The Sacred and Civil Calendar of the Athenian Year. Princeton

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on Noumenia, the first day of Poseideon, sunrise is at 7:27am and sunset is at 5:05pm


moonrise is at 9:42am (during daylight) and the moon sets at 7:06pm

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