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Ocean Spray

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Medium Warship (Sailed)

A typical Bermuda Sloop, with a single mast and large fore-and-aft sails, as well as a bowsprit to accomodate a spinnaker: 85ft long, 25ft wide


Speed: 30ft / 72 miles

Turn rate: 60ft

Crew: 20

Passengers: 6

Cargo: 60 tonnes

Special Qualities: Hardy Vessel (+2 bonus to all Seaworthiness checks)

She has a relatively small hull, making her more manoeuverable and easier to sail in shallow waters



Captain Samuel Carver, a tall man with a golden-toothed smile and an intense stare. His plan is to wait until Wayfarer sets sail, then ambush and board her downriver. However, circumstances might conspire to cause an earlier departure - especially if Jak Graybull blames him for the wererats' theft ... he carries a meat cleaver, and is quite particular with his dining habits (cannibal is such an uncivilised word...)

Chief Contalaenna Bloodthirsty Bill (Number One) A bald Dwarf, 4ft5in tall, wielding a harpoon

Wizard/Navigator Mixail Elats Zaitsev Beloi (2nd mate) A Hobgoblin, 6ft8in tall, with reddish-brown hair, carrying a quarterstaff

(3rd mate / boatswain) - deceased.

Quartermaster The title derives from "master of the quarterdeck", the quarterdeck being the deck where the helm was situated and navigation was generally performed. The quartermaster was thus in charge of the watch-to-watch navigation and the maintenance, correction, and preparation of nautical charts and navigation publications. He was also responsible for navigational instruments and clocks and the training of ship's lookouts and helmsmen. He would perform these duties under the control of the ship's navigator (or other officer, if there was no officer navigator).


Ship's physician

Ship's cook

Ship's carpenter

The Reavers: 6 Minotaurs (CR 4 / EL 9, 39hp ea) wearing hide armor (AC 17) and wielding belaying pins (10ft natural reach, +9/+4 melee, d3+4 bludgeoning, crit. 20/x2). A minotaur typically begins battle by charging at an opponent, lowering its head to bring its mighty horns into play. In addition to the normal benefits, this allows the beast to make a single gore attack that deals 4d6+6 points of damage. Minotaurs speak Giant. Can detect opponents within 30ft by sense of smell (60ft upwind / 15ft downwind). Can take a partial action to note the direction of the scent. If it moves within 5ft of the source, the creature can pinpoint that source. Can follow tracks by smell, making a Wis check (DC 10 for a fresh trail - for each hour, DC increases by 2)

One of the swabbies (who ambushed Elsa, Hui-Jin & Lukwind in the Dimber Doxie) recognizes them (perhaps at the theatre, while Lukwind is on stage?). He might run off to bring the Reavers, or Sam Carver might walk right up to Elsa and shake her hand, asking, "Tell me now, could you be the one who sent Max the Axe to an early grave?"

Pirate Hobgoblin Rogue CR1

Str: 15 Dex: 15 Con: 16 Int: 8 Wis: 10 Cha: 12

AC: 14 (+2 dex, +2 armor) Hp: 6 (d6+3) Init+2

scimitar +2 melee (d6+2, 18-20/x2)

crossbow +2 ranged (d8, 19-20/x2)

Skills: Balance +5; Climb +5; Intimidate +5; Profession (sailor) +4; Spot +4; Swim +5; Tumble +6; Use Rope +5

Feats: Dodge, Sneak Attack +1d6

EQ: scimitar, leather armor

Buccaneer Human Rogue CR3

Str: 15 Dex: 10 Con: 14 Int: 8 Wis: 12 Cha: 13

AC: 13 (+3 armor) Hp: 15 (3d6+6) Init+4

scimitar +5 melee (d6+3, 18-20/x2)

Skills: Balance +5; Bluff +7; Climb +5; Intimidate +6; Profession (sailor) +6; Spot +8; Swim +8; Tumble +6; Use Rope +5

Feats: Sea Legs, Alertness, Improved Initiative, Sneak Attack +2d6, Evasion, Uncanny Dodge

EQ: +1 scimitar, studded leather armor, potion of cure light wounds

Can sign on in return for a share of the spoils - significantly more than the 2gp/month that is paid to green crewmen on a merchant vessel.

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