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Who's Who of Helsmuth and environs

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Lord Osmundus Branwhait (Ari1) - student of the Bond College

Lady Li'yanna - proprietess of the Panashina Tearoom

Giella - serving girl, and leader of the Band of the Red Feather

Stinky Liao - cook at the Panashina Tearoom

Hubert Gyll (War3) - Watchman assigned to keep an eye on the Panashina Tearoom

Tristram Bashere (War1) - Watchman, Hubert's junior partner

Captain Muir - riverboat captain, of the ship Wayfarer

Captain Samuel Carver - Buccaneer

Brerracred Crook (Ari5) - owner of the Regalement Theatre

Orfisk Raul (Bard5) - playwright

Sterling Witherspoon (Bard3) - narrator

William Sly (Bard6) - lead actor

Robert Armin (Bard1) - comic relief

Tiberius Tuccius Faustus (Illusionist5) - special effects

Yemìnne (Exp5) - Emilth's mother: a smuggler and supplier of drugs and poisons

Eámanë - Yemìnne's friend (pronounced like "Harmony", but with a 'Y')

Lopith - Emilth's father: an assassin for hire

Radon Thorsman - cooper's son, one of Garyn's enemies

Jak Graybull - evil Cleric

Lord Mayor Frederick Kemp - ruler of Helsmuth

The Guildmaster - leader of the Thieves' Guild

The Branwhait Estates

Captain Sellyn

The hamlet of Adhil

Lord Bertwald Braybrook

Lord Damon Braybrook

Lord Dannil Braybrook

Ranrall the Chaplain - Priest of Tyche

Captain Cynelufe


The Ennead - council of 9 Philosopher-Kings of Qualinost

Marcus Draconis de Qualinost - Elven champion

Archdruid Mael (Drd13) - Centaur, Methris' mentor

Careonnyn (Drd10) - Garyn's father, Elven druid

Theseus (Drd10) - a Minotaur, one of the failae

Gavantar (Drd10) - a Korred, one of the failae

Deianira - Methris' mother, a Maenad (priestess of Dionysus)

Hilsintha - Elven ranger, Garyn's mentor

The Henraic Oracle - speaker in dreams, Vistani fortune teller: "Madam Zelda"

Ferntree village

Don Firebrand - village mayor


Orsin - Emilth's former lover. He left to travel to Laveril and seek his fortune

Fornost - Sorcerer, former friend of Garyn

Avri Firebrand - Garyn's old flame

Jon Ingleson - blacksmith's son, one of Garyn's enemies

James Jonstone - merchant's son, Avri's former boyfriend and Garyn's enemy

Gnod Yriah - chieftain of the Orc Scorchers

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