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Page history last edited by Azeari 10 years, 6 months ago

Garyn & Rohit admitted that their coup de grace tactics were a moral gray area: the orcs were undoubtedly evil, and outnumbered them by a significant margin. Not a justification that would convince any paladins, but probably within the bounds of the Chaotic Good alignment at least. However, Elsa & Gerald grew impatient with this approach, and decided to take it to the next level: they went from house to house, slaughtering every occupant, whether defenseless noncombatant or otherwise.


Garyn refused to have any part of this, and decided to ride back to the army to warn them that they were being outflanked. Lukwind accompanied him.


It wasn't long before the orcs woke up and raised the alarm. However, even as they tumbled out of bed and grabbed their greataxes, the efficient threshing machine of Gerald and Elsa were cutting them down. Elsa used her bloody blade ability to intimidate dozens of orcs at a time, while Gerald used his energy burst psionic power to kill them by the score. Martok took to the air and fired his eldritch chain, but he could barely keep up. Rohit caused his own mayhem elsewhere in the village.


By the time all of the orc warriors were dead and the village was conquered, the surviving orcs had rounded up their women and children and fled. Gerald had only enough power points remaining for a single energy burst. Still disguised as orcs, Rohit and Martok rode after the refugees and convinced them that the danger had passed and they should return to the village. As evidence, they presented Gerald, whom they said they had captured. The orcs surrounded him, ready to tear him to shreds ... wrong move. The last energy burst tore through their ranks, leaving few alive for Martok, Rohit and Elsa to mop up.

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