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The Space Cowboy


Kalliantra attempts to wrest control back from Martok. She informs him that his party members are attempting to read her mind, and break into the engine room. She requests that they cut that shit out.


Martok experiments with his abilities and finds that he can make the entire ship invisible. He tries to scry his mother, but isn't successful. However, he is able to scry Rohit in the cargo bay.


Helena tells Lukwind that they are about to head into space. He relays that message to Clicker and Rohit, at which point Clicker dimension doors them down to the ground. Kalliantra tells Martok that 3 life forms have just disappeared from the cargo bay. Martok tries scrying Lukwind, and sees him standing on the ground with Clicker & Rohit having a competition to see who can jump the highest. With a sigh, they turn around and fly back.


Kalliantra becomes visible and lands. They get back on board to discuss the plan, eventually deciding to sleep until morning.


Rohit & Clicker search the rest of the ship for anything worth selling. They put the 4 suits of armor and the crates into the bag of holding with the dragon's treasure. Garyn looks through some of the books in the maproom. In the meantime, Martok takes off and starts heading into space.


Rohit comes back upstairs and asks Martok to open the airlock, so that he can go outside and keep watch. "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that." Rohit goes down to the engine room and  manages to get the door open. Kalliantra wrests control back from Martok and continues flying. Clicker wakes Lukwind up. Martok gets out of the pilot's seat and relinquishes command to Lukwind, who manages to take control and land the ship a mile outside Marchion.


They unload all of the crates from the cargo hold. Rohit detatches the orrery and puts it in the bag of holding, while Garyn puts as many books from the map room as will fit. Leaving Martok in charge of the ship, Rohit and Lukwind attempt to disguise Clicker as a human, then walk into town. The night watchmen open the gates for the heroes of Marchion. Everyone goes to the Golden Axe and goes to sleep.


In the morning, they take Gerald's body to the temple of Athena. Simon Phrantzes casts raise dead for no charge. Rohit gives Gerald the ring of sustenance and they also give him some books on wildspace lore and interstellar navigation. Gadragyn flies Gerald and Scarlett back to the ship, so that he can pilot Kalliantra back to the Rock of BrĂ¥l (which will take ~9 months).


Today is the festival of Agathodaemon, so all of the markets and magic shops are closed. Gadragyn flies Martok to Villa Zarios to talk to his mother. She refuses to return to Sweetmead permanently, but agrees to go for a ride on a dragon to visit Atronan Manor and put the spirit of her dead husband to rest. When Lord Atronan Senior sees that his family are all safe, he is finally at peace and is able to pass on into the realm beyond.


In the meantime, Rohit rehearses with the Amazing Chicanery Troupe. Lukwind recruits more followers. Clicker tells Elsa the story of his life amongst the stars.


The next day, the festival of Athena, the magic item craftsmen are open for trade. Gadragyn buys an artificer's monocle so that he can identify all of the treasure. Lukwind and Rohit begin selling the equipment while Gadragyn flies Elsa, Clicker & Martok to the Mielet estates. That evening (the eve of the festival of Hermes) Lukwind, Helena, Rohit and the Amazing Chicanery Troupe do their performance in Temple Plaza.

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