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Rohit opens the steel door of the basement to find himself in a boarded-up shop. There is a scorch mark on the floor, 10ft wide. Garyn identifies serpentine tracks that might have been left by a large yuan-ti. Martok, invisible and gaseous, goes outside and spots a harpy perched on a rooftop across the street.

The party heads back the way they came to interrogate their prisoners.

Elsa intimidates the yuan-ti sorcerer and it says that Liamae has been handed over to the harpies, so that they can force her to tell them the location of the other spies in Knossos.

The yuan-ti who escaped might have run to the harpies for help, but it is equally likely that he teleported to The Wreck, the pirate base 30 miles to the east.

Only the leader of the pirates, Cold Captain Wyther, knows the location of all of the shadow pearls. Once the yuan-ti has told you everything it knows, Rohit kills him. 

Lukwind detects a harpy watching the Minting House, in addition to the one guarding the exit of the secret passageway. The party approaches, invisible and gaseous, and ambushes her. They take her down to the dungeon to interrogate, but dare not remove her gag. Lukwind intimidates her telepathically and she confirms that Liamae is their prisoner.

They are also holding Vurch Udderwort, a rival drug dealer who was brought to them by Kedward Bone. He has been selling Green Welcome in the slums, in competition with the wizard. 

Knowing that there are 9 harpies in total, only 3 of whom are currently at the Crooked Spire with Liamae and Vurch, the party decides to hunt down the remaining 5 one by one and kill them. With their ears stoppered with wax, these airborne harridans do not present much challenge. 

with all of the other harpies dead, the party buffs themselves (and Tolin & Zan) to the hilt and prepares to assault the Crooked Spire. With his mindsight, Lukwind detects 4 monstrous humanoids, 1 intelligent undead and 8 humanoids. Rohit sneaks inside to scout and confirms that there are 3 harpies and 1 undead above a steel cage, 30ft high and 15ft across.

Halfway up the tower (15ft above ground, but 15ft beneath the cage) there is a room containing a prisoner (presumably Vurch). There is another humanoid, unconscious on the floor of the cage (Liamae). On the ground floor is a large yuan-ti abomination and 6 elves and humans.

Martok uses his wand of invisibility on everyone, then takes 6 rounds to turn gaseous again. 

on the 7th round, Rohit charges one of the harpies while Martok and Elsa fly inside. Lukwind uses the wand of regroup to teleport Liamae out of the cage. 


Rohit kills one of the harpies with a bounding assault.

Elsa kills another one with a full attack.

Martok casts tentacles on the yuan-ti, then does a quickened vitriolic chain on the sole surviving harpy and the undead. She begins to sing her captivating song, but it falls on deaf ears.

Lukwind & Helena both cast cure light wounds on Liamae, but she doesn't stir. 



Rohit attacks the yuan-ti with a bounding assault, scoring a critical hit.

Elsa charges the last harpy and finishes her off.

The small undead creature tries confusion on Martok, but he makes his saving throw and replies with a vitriolic blast. Clicker finishes it off with searing light.

The yuan-ti begins to climb up the stairs, out of the reach of the tentacles.

Lukwind does a heal check on Liamae, realizing that she is dead. 



Rohit does another critical hit against the yuan-ti, killing it.

Helena casts revenance on Liamae. 


Elsa interrogates Vurch, learning that he obtains his supply of Green Welcome from the pirates. The party takes him to the Minting House and locks him up. 

12 minutes later, Helena casts revivify on Liamae after she dies for a second time. 

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