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Late at night, the Ocean Spray sailed into Laveril and dropped anchor. Garyn, Elsa & Clicker were surprised to see the rest of the party so soon. The winds and weather had been favourable, right up until they were within 50 miles of the metropolis, when they were becalmed and surrounded by fog. Helena used her magic and got them moving again.


The next 5 days were spent in the markets, selling all of the loot they had acquired in Knossos, and buying upgraded equipment. At night, Garyn brought the rest of the party up to speed on how much the geopolitical landscape had shifted while they were away: Supreme Inquisitor Leska Merideus has declared herself the new Empress of Eastrealm and ordered that all disloyal spellcasters are to be arrested and interrogated. Archduke Dandulus is furious, since Laveril has already suffered the arrest and trial of its archmage. It now looks as though that was some kind of practice run for more widespread persecution of magic-users. The Council of Ten demanded that the Inquisitors release the archmage immediately, but instead the Inquisitors have disappeared and taken the archmage with them.


The cause of the burning Astral Plane is still a mystery. All that is really known is that dimension door over a short distance is survivable, but more than a few hundred feet requires protection from energy. It has basically put the Wayfarer's Society out of business: what few of their members still survive have had to find another line of work.


Garyn has also studied all of the documents and maps that the party found in the pirates' base. There is nothing that links them to the Kiaransalean drow, nor to Leska and her Inquisition. The source of the shadow pearls is the Isle of Dread, deep inside the Serpent Kingdoms. The Pirates of Knossos make regular trips to Gallivant Cove, on the northern side of the island, to meet with a mysterious group known only as the Lords of Dread. It is they who have been supplying the pirates with these evil artifacts. The pirates plan to unleash a Savage Tide in every major port city in Eastrealm, simultaneously. This is scheduled to occur at dusk on hene kai nea, the last day of Thargelion.


The party took a vote on where they should go next. Martok wanted to visit his brother Addric and see how the repairs on the manor house were progressing. Since it was on the way to everywhere else that the adventurers wanted to go, it was decided to go there first.


They sailed across the lagoon to Fusina, where they parted ways with their crew. The Ocean Spray would continue up the river Brallen to Marchion, while the party travelled a more direct route, aboard the mobile stronghold.


Garyn contacted Bolias, but he responded that there had been a delay in making all of the modifications to the stronghold/Winnebago. He would rendezvous in the Fusina village green at midnight.


When midnight came, the stronghold tunneled up to the surface and Bolias opened the hatch. Just then, their old friend the marilith paid them a visit.


Clicker cast a divination on himself and tried to dispell the marilith's magical protections. Rohit tumbled past and took a swipe, then hid. Martok started to fly towards the stronghold, but the marilith grabbed him with her powerful tail and choked him unconscious. Helena dimension doored into the stronghold with Elsa and Lukwind, but was surprised to find it full of drow. Dorina T'sarran the vampire priestess began to drain Helena's life force. Dropping Martok's limp body, the marilith teleported inside the stronghold as well.


The stronghold rose up out of the ground, surrounded by a wall of fire. Clicker tried to revive Martok, but he was out cold. Rohit coated his kusari-gama with oil of undead bane weapon and took up a position on the roof of the stronghold. Helena turned undead and Bolias fled out the hatch. Rohit cut him down and he turned gaseous and began to float off in the direction of his coffin. Elsa bravely stood toe to toe with the marilith, responding with attacks of opportunity whenever one of the marilith's swords missed their mark. The marilith attempted to grab Elsa with her tail, but with her newly acquired vanguard treads she stood firm. Activating her armor of swiftness, she launched a furious counter-attack.


The mobile stronghold tunneled back underground, but Clicker was familiar enough with it to teleport himself, Garyn & Rohit on board. Lukwind activated his mirror images and used his eternal wand of snake's swiftness on Elsa to grant her an extra attack. Garyn shot a ray of fire at the marilith, but to no effect. Rohit killed the marilith with a bounding assault, taking a swipe at Dorina as well. Helena tried a flame strike against the drow, but failed to beat their spell resistance. Dorina continued to attack Helena, while her brother Zedarr released the controls of the stronghold and prepared to fight Elsa once again.


Clicker hit Zedarr with three maximized orbs of acid from his rod of wands, which didn't do as much damage as he had expected. Garyn tried a ray of fire, which didn't damage Zedarr at all. Rohit pounced on Dorina, slashing her with his kusari-gama and turning her gaseous. Zedarr continued to attack Elsa with his dire flail, but the blackguard had run out of allies. More orbs of acid from Clicker, a few arrows from Garyn, then Elsa finished him off.


Rohit piloted the stronghold back up to the surface and they put Martok on the healing platform to revive him. Dorina flew north in gaseous form, but the party had no problem keeping up, particularly now that the mobile stronghold was able to fly at 100ft/round. 2 hours later, the vampire crumbled to dust. Evidently her coffin was more than 9 miles away from Fusina. Nevertheless, the adventurers had the feeling that they would be seeing her again before too long.


The stronghold flew at 10mph towards the frozen north, back to the old neighbourhood where the adventurers had first met.

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